According to new research, 52.6% of event professionals invested in event technology more this year than last. That number rises to 71% for those with bigger budgets.

Why is this becoming so increasingly necessary? Because event technology like CrowdCompass is vital to events. If you’ve been to an event or planned one recently, you probably already know about this Cvent event app. If not, here are 7 quick things to fill you in. 

1. What is CrowdCompass?

CrowdCompass is an awesome mobile event app. It was founded in the loveably quirky town of Portland, Oregan.

The app gives event-goers personalized schedules, timely push notifications, better content, more relevant support, enhanced networking capabilities, and as well as some fun gamification capabilities. 

CrowdCompass App exists to spread content and increase engagement.
The app shares content & increases engagement. Photo Credit: CrowdCompass

2. Who is behind CrowdCompass?

In 2010, CrowdCompass was acquired and became part of the Cvent family. That’s great news for you because Cvent is a powerhouse of the best event technology on the planet. CrowdCompass by Cvent, as it is now referred to, has all the spirit of its origins with the trusted backing of a great organization like Cvent. 

3. Who uses it?

As of today, over 12 million users have downloaded the app across 100 countries. That’s simply incredible. But also not surprising considering they support events as small as 30 people up to 30,000-person tradeshows. 

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4. Who are some of their clients?

Some of the biggest, most trusted organizations in the world use app platform. This includes Bank of America, IBM, Sprint, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Georgetown University, and much more. 

5. How much does CrowdCompass cost?

CrowdCompass doesn’t advertise their prices on their website. Instead, you can contact them and get a custom quote based on your specific company and event. 

6. Why should my company use CrowdCompass?

  • Make Your Attendees Happy. The app informs attendees of the schedule, speaker profiles, and more. This helps keep event-goers organized, engaged, and overall more satisfied with the event. 
  • Generate more revenue for exhibitors and sponsors. CrowdCompass gives users better tools to interact with attendees that go beyond just lead capture. This can increase their ROI and their desire to exhibit and/or sponsor at your event again.  
  • Modern. These days, everything is an app. Your attendees expect events to keep up with technology, and there is no better way to do that than to digitize this part of your event. 
  • Reports. Because CrowdCompass is an app that is used during the event, there is a lot of helpful data you can get in real time about attendees and the event. 
  • Secure. Just like all of Cvent’s products, safety and security is a #1 priority. The app is designed to protect user data and includes important, legal privacy settings. 
  • Saves printing cost. Since attendees have the schedule and other event information on their phones, there is much less printing you need to do. That not only saves money, but it is also great for the environment. 
  • Increased Revenue. Organizations like the Women and Girls Foundation sited that the app helped engage their attendees all year long which led to $5000 in additional grant funding. The LSU School of Veterinary Science science cited an additional $7500 in sponsorships due to using CrowdCompass.

Need more reasons? Check out more CrowdCompass reviews and testimonials.

The benefits of using Cvent's CrowdCompass.
The benefits of using Cvent’s CrowdCompass App. Photo Credit: Cvent

7. As a planner, how do I build with CrowdCompass?

You have a few options. You can build it in-house. You can use their company directly. Or you can go with our organization, MMCY Tech. In partnership with Cvent, we offer Expanded Event Build Services and dedicated Cvent support services that includes CrowdCompass.

To learn more about our quick turnarounds, flexible working plans, and cost-effective builds on your CrowdCompass app, contact us today!

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