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What is post-launch support? Imagine that you’ve worked countless hours to plan your event. The registration site goes live. And now you can sit back and relax, right? Think again.

As soon as registrations start pouring in so does the need for support. Common questions include,

“I signed up, but never got a confirmation email.”

“How can I add extra days to my hotel room?”

“My family is coming with me, and I need extra beds in the room.”

“Where is the location of the event?”

“I have food allergies. What kind of options will be available for me?”

An FAQ page won’t cut it. You’ll need dedicated post-launch support professionals to ensure all your guests receive the customer care support they deserve. 

post launch support for cvent

Post-Launch Support is an Opportunity

Post-Launch Support is a service provided for your attendees from the time they signup for your event until they attend the event and are happily back home.  

Season event planners know that it is not only critical to your event but also a huge opportunity for your organization. 

Why is it so important?

The success of an event boils down to one big thing– did the attendees enjoy their experience? Everything after that is secondary. But the attendee’s experience doesn’t start at the event. It starts the moment they enter your registration site. 

Here’s an example of what happened to one of our team members who attended an event recently. It was not an event that we worked on– it was an independent event she was going to.

 “Somehow when I registered online for the event, my hotel room showed up as free. I was confused because I knew it wasn’t. I contacted the event’s support. It took them almost 3 days to respond.

When they did reply, my name was spelled wrong. I know that’s not a big deal, but my name is in the email and in my signature. It’s a small detail, but annoying to have it wrong. Because the event was in less than 2 weeks, I needed to know the price of the room. If it was too expensive, I needed to hurry and find an available hotel in the area that fit my budget. It took them a week to figure it out. In the meantime, all the hotels booked up, and I had to switch accommodation during the event which was a pain. 

There was one other issue that happened at the event that caused a bit of a headache. Because this was now the second issue I had, I have a ‘bad taste’ for the company. It will make me re-think if I attend their conference next year because I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle.”

The Power of Post-Launch Support Service 

That’s the power of attendee management. It can make event-goers feel close to you, be more excited about the event, and start them off on the right foot. Or it can be a frustrating communication that sets a bad tone from the very beginning. 

Attendees are the consumer of your event. Not only are they paying money to attend, but they’ll also impact the interest of your exhibitors and sponsors next time. That’s why it’s critical they get the best customer service from the beginning. 

Even if they reach out because there was an unexpected problem, a helpful and friendly person handling your post-launch support can actually make the event-goer love your organization even more. It’s a personal touch that can go a long way.

post launch support for cvent events

Who is Behind Your Post-Launch Service?

The bigger the event, the more issues you’ll face. Is your organization equipped to handle the hundreds or possibly the thousands (depending on the size of your event) of support requests? 

Most attendees expect to be answered in less than 24 hours, and they want the issue resolved quickly. 

Because of this, a lot of organizations choose to outsource this service to other companies. There’s no shame in that– in fact, it’s most likely your best solution. 

Allowing your team to focus on their core competencies and letting someone else who is an expert in post-launch support to take over could be your best decision yet.

Here’s Why: 

  • Slow customer service doesn’t exactly encourage attendees to sign up for your event. Having another company dedicated to the success of your attendees’ online needs and doing it with speed is a huge advantage to filling up those seats!
  • Organizations like ours are designed to scale. We work with small events all the way up to fortune 500 companies. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 attendees or 10,000, we have handled everything. This allows you to dedicate resources to other needs. 
  • Creating a seamless attendee experience from the very first contact doesn’t just create a stress-free experience for the event-goer, but also for you! Your team can focus on what you do best while leaving the FAQ and special assistance needed up to the experts. 
  • Improved Analytics. Besides the opportunity to show your attendees your personal and friendly support, there are a lot of special insights & data that can be helpful to your organization. Letting professionals create reports with these helpful analytics is invaluable. 
  • The idea behind Post-Launch Support is simple. But the execution is difficult. It requires a lot of coordination among multiple parties to ensure every request is met with perfection. There’s a reason why even the biggest, most financially-capable organizations outsource this part of their organization. It requires expertise that is simply left to those who are trained and experienced. 
  • Save Money! Instead of dedicating your own personal team to the job, using an organization like ours can actually be more cost-effective. We can jump in for specific projects, and jump out when it’s finished. 
post launch support for cvent events


The event-goers are the lifeblood of your event. There’s nothing more important than making them completely satisfied and that starts the moment your registration site goes live! 

Save time and money while also providing a better experience for users by letting an organization like MMCY Tech handle the follow-up support needed. 

Questions? Comments? Leave it in a comment below!

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