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Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub (VAH) has been the salvation of virtual events and a prime example of the innovation and resilience of our industry.

At MMCY, we provide event technology support which is needed now more than ever as we navigate life in and after the pandemic. As a Cvent shop, we are fully equipped to support the marketing and management needs of your virtual event and can boost attendance, process registration, capture data, analyze ROI, increase engagement, and integrate with other solutions.

Our team is trained on and uses the Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub as our core event marketing and management platform, offering software solutions to event organizers and marketers for online event registration, venue selection, event marketing and management, onsite & virtual solutions, and attendee engagement.

Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub Key Features

  • Platform

With Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub platform, attendees can connect from anywhere through their device with the event app to easily browse and select sessions. With leading event software tech, you can boost your attendees’ interaction with you, sponsors, exhibitors, and each other. The platform also allows you to create and showcase a customizable, consistent and fully branded experience from registration to the virtual experience itself. You can keep your event and attendee data safe with password-protected events, 2-factor authentication, and built-in privacy controls.

  • Attendee Engagement

Engagement remains one of the main barriers when planning a successful virtual event. In-person events may be better for engagement but that doesn’t mean virtual events don’t provide any opportunities. Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub uses interactive engagement tools such as live session Q&A and gamification to encourage attendees to stay engaged by awarding them points for taking actions, such as joining a session, submitting feedback, or visiting a virtual booth. With messaging capabilities in a mobile app, attendees can meet each other virtually and set up meetings.

  • Networking Opportunities

Just because attendees can’t shake hands at a virtual event doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to network. A mobile event app, whether used on the phone or in a web browser, can connect attendees and provide a messaging system. Once attendees connect on the app, they can schedule one-on-one appointments with each other, exhibitors, or sponsors. Using registration data, you can connect attendees with similar interests together and set up group chats. You also have the option to enable event attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors to connect throughout your event.

  • Sponsors

You can feature exhibitors and sponsors on your event home page and enable them to showcase their brand and content. You can even have sponsored sessions, providing additional brand exposure for your partners and additional revenue for your company. If you are looking for sponsors, you can attract them with powerful brand awareness and lead generation via virtual booths, video conferencing, and more. Allow attendees to self-schedule meetings with sponsors and exhibitors and instantly share their contact information with inbound lead capture.

  • Insightful Data

The virtual attendee hub can help you discover insights that matter – how many people were in attendance? what are the demographics? Was your event successful? Is there room for improvement? How can you prove the ROI to your sponsors and your boss?

Whether an event is virtual or in person, Data is one of the most important features of running an event. Virtual event platforms are such as Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub are super effective at collecting feedback before, during, and after your event.

Data Collected through Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub

  • Number of Registrations
  • Demographic Attendee Information
  • Session Registration
  • Email Open and Click-through Rates
  • Post-Event Survey Results
  • Number of Leads
  • Buying Interest
  • Session Ratings
  • Session Feedback

It’s a good idea to consider adding virtual events to your event programs. Sure, virtual events may not hold the same power and value as face-to-face interactions, but considering the amount of money and time that goes into hosting an in-person event or conference, it is in companies’ best interests to utilize virtual events. Having a good execution plan, the proper technology, and the right virtual event platform is key but once you have them sorted out, you can deliver informative, and engaging experiences to attendees for much cheaper and less stress.

Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub FAQ

Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub FAQ

We get a lot of questions about VAH. Here are some answers to the most common ones.

Cvent’s Virtual Attendee Hub provides the tools to execute a seamless event in one system. The platform is easy to use, efficient and saves an enormous amount of time. But to simplify the process even further, it is best to partner with a tech support company.

Contact us to learn more about Cvent tools and how we can help you plan and organize virtual events.

PS- We also help our customers with Live Event Support, by providing resources to help attendees solve their technical challenges.

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