How to Outsource your Sales Team

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March 4, 2024

Sales take place in a matter of minutes… a delayed response, a subtle lack of knowledge, a piece of misleading information, a hint of mistrust, and you could lose a client just like that. So, if you don’t have the time or resources to handle the sales aspect of your business, it might be wise to outsource. Outsourcing will allow you to focus on what you do best while a sales team takes care of the rest.  

In this article, we’ll use the insights we have gained over 15 years working in the outsourcing industry here at MMCY to explore the various ways you can outsource your sales team. We will cover everything from why you should do it and whom you should partner with, how to ensure they’re held accountable, and what metrics you need to measure their performance.  

The Many Types Of Sales Teams 

So, you are considering outsourcing a Sales Team, but where do you begin? There are a few different types to consider.  

Cold Callers/Emailers: Utilize scripts to reach prospects via phone calls and emails

⁠Customer Service Representatives: Answer customer inquiries, resolve complaints, and provide information on products and services.

⁠Sales Development Representatives: Help clients build and expand telemarketing and sales teams to achieve their goals.

⁠Lead Generation: Look for qualified leads

⁠Call Center Agents: Convert prospects into customers

⁠Specialized Assistants: Provide support for various functions. For example, at MMCY, we offer Telecom Support, event planners, and project managers

Outsourcing any one of these areas could help you save money and scale your organization. However, it’s essential to first analyze which type of Sales Team makes the most sense for your business objectives before deciding to hire. Consider researching industry trends in regard to the successful implementation of each type of outsourced sales solution before deciding which route is best suited for you.  

Finding The Perfect Outsourcing Partner 

You’ve figured out exactly what kind of sales team you want for your business. Now all you need to do is find the right outsourcing provider. Make sure to do your research and consider factors like their experience, cost structure, and record of customer satisfaction.   

Take time to define what you need from an outsourcer regarding specific services. Do you just need someone to manage existing accounts or also generate leads? Next, consider whether an agency has the resources to handle your requests – in terms of both technology and staff. Lastly, ensure they have enough flexibility to adapt if your requirements change over time.  

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of possible candidates, it’s important to conduct thorough evaluations of each one. Ask questions about their process and review case studies when available. Assess how well they understand your industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. This will allow you to make an informed decision on who to outsource to.   

Analyzing Performance For Maximum Results

You have outsourced your sales team, but how do you assess if they are actually helping your business? Analyzing their performance will allow you to see if your outsourced team keeps their end of the bargain.  

Try using analytics tools to monitor key metrics like customer acquisition costs or lead conversion rates. For example, at MMCY, we use different CRM systems, such as Freshworks, to generate monthly reports we send to our clients. We have found that CRM systems are helpful in storing and classifying leads as well as assigning tasks to team members so everyone can stay on top of their game.   

Additionally, use surveys or customer feedback forms to gain more insight into how customers view your products or services after interacting with an outsourced salesperson. After all, you want to know if your salesperson is doing a good job representing your brand.  

Furthermore, you can hold regular review meetings with your outsourced sales team to discuss achievements and areas needing further development. Keeping track of these conversations helps maintain accountability over time while helping build relationships between yourself and those working on behalf of your company.   

Maintaining Communication With Your Outsourced Team 

You have found your Sales Team, and they are bringing in results, everything is great… until you run into a misunderstanding with your outsourced team. How do you move past this small bump on an otherwise fruitful journey? Communication. And lots of it. Make sure you are available and have open communication channels so team members can ask questions or share insight.  

The first step towards maintaining an effective relationship with your outsourced sales team is establishing clear expectations. Developing an agreement that outlines what each party will do, how often they should communicate, and who owns which tasks ensure everyone understands their role in achieving success. It also helps to set deadlines for any deliverables or goals to stay on track.  

Sometimes, going to the physical location of your outsourcing provider can help enhance communication. Consider paying your outsourcing provider a visit. One of our longtime clients at MMCY sends people from different departments from time to time to check in on how the outsourced sales team is doing, if the work environment and equipment are to their liking, and to provide additional training if needed.   

Finally, feedback plays a vital role in creating alignment among all parties involved in outsourcing; it serves as a way for teams to understand what’s working well and areas for improvement moving forward. Providing timely responses to requests and recognition when deserved not only fosters better relationships but helps create an environment conducive to long-term growth and development.  


When done right, outsourcing your sales team can benefit your company if you find the right outsourcing provider, are clear about your expectations from the get-go, and have a strategy in place to measure your sales team’s performance. Book an appointment with us today and discover more about how outsourcing your sales team can transform your business

After all is said and done, effectively outsourcing your sales team comes down to building trust- both with your outsourced team and your clients. Jeffery Gitomer said it best: “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.” 

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